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  • Bryne Stothard

Case Studies in using VR - 12


In May 2017 I ran an event at WorldFest for our Frankfurt International School Oberursel Campus (FISO) parents to try out VR for the first time. The event was highly successful and given time I would very much like to repeat this type of outreach for FISO and Frankfurt International School Wiesbaden Campus (FISW) . Two events have already been booked by Vera Thiers (Marketing and Outreach for me to visit the Frankfurt Business School and also by Admin at FISW, but there will likely be a need for this type of outreach as we embed more VR/AR into our curriculum. For us to successfully embed Computational and Design Thinking into our Curriculum, we will need to involve parents and build their conceptual understanding of why we should pursue this type of education. This would be best done by someone with the full overview of what is happening, plus someone comfortable in running PD events for adults. There is also existing capacity to work within our Extended Homeroom and Wednesday PD system to help introduce students and faculty to computational/design thinking and also VR/AR teaching strategies.

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