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VR Workshop
6 hr
Fee on Quotation

Workshop Topic 1 - Getting Started Guide



Tech/ICT Dept/Tech Support – what hardware is needed, what software is needed, how does STEAM work, what technical issues are there in getting the VIVE to work once you have it? What other logistical issues are there with moving the equipment around, ownership rights, use of the device and software/hardware sharing?


Humanities/Social Studies - How can Google Earth impact students at IB Geography, ESS and History. How can I use the VIVE as an every-day classroom tool? What other software is available that might be of use (Edmersive, Realities…etc)


Science Department - How can I use the VIVE as an every-day classroom tool? What software is available that could impact student learning in the Sciences? (Organon VR, Titans of Space…etc)


Creative Arts – How can room scale VR increase the options available to IB Art students and how can VR be used for creative design, 3D printing and clothing Design.


Design Tech – How can room scale VR impact student participation, creativity and design as part of Design Tech class and ‘Maker Space’ areas?  


English and other languages – How can I use room scale VR as a stimulus for creative writing exercises?




What can VR bring to enrich the curriculum as a shared resource for grade levels within elementary school divisions?

Workshop Topic 2 - VR in the Classroom

How can I get this in my classroom? What are some good ways to think about sharing equipment? How do I know where to find content? What does a first day look like in VR? How do I scaffold kids in?

Workshop Topic 3 - Data analysis and VR in the School Community

VR in the School Community – CASE STUDIES

  • High schools helping middle schools

  • Creating content for other people’s classes

  • Setting up a special event within the school or classroom

  • Parent Nights

  • Connecting to the PTA and School and code

  • Hosting after school drop-ins for other staff

  • VR Club

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