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  • Bryne Stothard

Case Studies in using VR 11

Game Design Club

Over the current semester I have been working with a small group of students from Middle and Upper School in creating VR content within Unity. We have been using the current available capacity we have built to allow students to explore game creation in VR. Thus far the students have built fairly rudimentary skills such as creating environments and placing objects that can respond to VR inputs, but there is capacity for them to be doing much more. There are also demands being created from subject areas (such as Visual Arts) for more advanced programming skills, and if we invest in the current Game Design group I can see a pathway being created for younger students moving up through the school.

"More work below at @FIS_School coding and designing a VR game in @unity3d based on the Classic 'Pong' game of the 70s. If you want a burst of nostalgia you can play the original here...."

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