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Case Studies in using VR - 8

Soundstage VR

Soundstage VR:

One area that has huge potential to revolutionise the way music is taught and learnt at FIS is through digital creation. Currently students are advised not to pursue digital music as a method for assessment, which some might argue as a reason for the relatively low IB uptake in this course. Our Graduation speaker last year Luis Resto (see vid below) was a big fan of the free app Soundstage VR and there are plans to work on producing a ‘Friday in the Foyer’ VR experience. Once some competency has been built amongst staff and students when creating music in VR, there is then huge potential for integrating VR music within other areas of knowledge. Drama and dance productions would be one area, as would combining VR designed music with content created in the Visual Arts. One plan we have in place for the Vernissage this year is to produce a VR gallery of work produced by our IB Art students, this could also include a collaboration with both Visual Arts and Design Tech.

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