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  • Bryne Stothard

Case Studies in VR - 16

Innovative Schools and VR Communities

American School Madrid:

Having helped another school introduce VR through running two days of workshops, there is clearly an existing market for schools to bring in VR experts to help them get started. This could mean either delivering workshops for members of local groups like AGIS in Germany, ACAMIS in China or ESAC in Thailand. Running bespoke events for admin events like NEASC meetings or also at specific larger conferences like the JESS Digital Summit in Dubai.

Google Edtech & C-Learning:

I am increasingly asked to speak at or on behalf or Google Edtech or C-Learning and if we develop these links it can only serve to benefit our school and the VR community through discovering interesting and innovative PD speakers and opportunities. This is proving perhaps the most difficult of all the demands to manage as it usually means time away from my classroom, but I have worked around this by presenting via Google Hangout or during the summer months.

The links I have made to other experts in the field of VR in Education are also something that can be leveraged. I see there being increased opportunities for either collaboration or competitions amongst students working and playing in VR, much in the same way as we currently have Robotics competitions or ‘hackathons’. There are also opportunities to bring experts within specific areas of Edtech to our schools and perhaps even hire some of them when opportunities arise. To that end, here are some of the leading Educators and Innovators in the field of using VR in the classroom (N.B. there are not that many!).

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