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Case Studies in using VR - 13

Internships and University Links

There are many links and opportunities to be drawn from an increased competency amongst students and faculty within VR design and game design. At the recent VRDays event I attended (Oct 2018) it was clear to me that some of the work we are doing within school has clear applications within industry and students who are competent in VR design are going to be in high demand. In the same way we (at Frankfurt International School) have created links to companies that we have familiarity with (Max Planck, Accenture….etc.) we could be doing the same with the various companies I met and connected with at VRDays.

Art Internships with VR Design companies like Khora (based in Copenhagen) are a possibility, and their CTO Peter Fisher expressed interest in taking on possible interns who have competency in a range of VR/Design skills.

Two links I have already made through attending events is with a group of Postgrad Engineers at Imperial College London (see video above) and also through a link to University of Arkansas and their Chief Scientist Dirk Reiners (pictured below) we have a link to an expert in creating immersive virtual reality. At 'VR Days' Dirk told me that students usually come to his program with little or no competency in VR, and that he would certainly be interested in taking motivated and skilled high-schoolers for summer internships. There are also links to be drawn by inviting either speakers from both universities to attend our University Visits Program or to speak on topics specific to VR or engineering.

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