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Case Studies in using VR - 10

Google Cardboard:

Another example of low hanging fruit that has yet to be fully exploited is in the use of Google Cardboard and Youtube 360 Videos. I myself use these extensively in Geography and have helped Science in accessing the equipment and in finding videos to use. I have also explored creating VR content for classes and created a VR field trip review for Internal Assessment work at IB Geography.

I have also created instructional videos of my own classes that can be used for PD purposes, in fact I used this technique at a recent (29th Nov) presentation I did for C-Learning at Radley College, Oxford UK. I see huge potential for the use of VR360 videos and the technical competency for using these can be built very quickly and at low cost. Given time and resources, students can also be trained to create their own VR content which would be another skill to add to their portfolio of Digital Fluency.

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