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  • Bryne Stothard

Case Studies in using VR - 9


In March and April 2018 I worked with both Jez Gregg and Aylin Gregg to explore the use of Mindshow VR in Dance/Drama and ESL. The outcome was a week long integration of VR into an ESL project, this involved students writing short cartoons, storyboarding them out and finally planning, designing and acting the scenes within Mindshow. Jez and I feel there is a lot more potential for us to use VR within the Dramatic Arts. If we build in capacity for this collaboration to happen, I can help Jez and Aylin build competency in using the hardware/software. ESL students particularly benefit from using Mindshow as it provides a relatively less stressful way for them to perform pieces in English to larger groups. It can also be used for students of foreign languages in the same way, imagine a group of students in French, Korean, German or Spanish collaborating to design and plan a scene before acting it out in VR.

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