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Case Studies in using VR - 2

You Sharecare:

A recent collaboration using You Sharecare (Fig. 1) with Grade 4 pulled together everything I/we have learnt over the previous two years to produce a highly integrated set of lessons. It is important to remember that the use of VR here was to initiate discussion and collaboration, in the same way that 'traditional' teaching tools would. The difference being that the way we are using this mix of strategies allows richer and deeper analysis and understanding. Here is some feedback from the teachers directly involved in the project:

What evidence was/is there that the student engagement was affected?

How did you feel that the integration/process of me bringing over the equipment and helping teach the VR part went?

Do you think that ES would be interested in integrating VR into further Units of Inquiry?

Fig. 1 (Grade 4 VR Project - YouSharecare)

Fig. 1 (Grade 4 VR Project - YouSharecare)

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