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Case Studies in using VR - 1

Elementary School & 'The Blu':

In early 2017 I collaborated with Grade 2 in FISO Elementary School to run a lesson that integrated VR within two of their Units of Inquiry (see Fig. 1). The idea was to combine the unit ‘Using our Imagination’ with the unit ‘Endangered Species’ to create a piece of creative writing and artwork. This was very early on in my experience of integrating VR and some of the successes and formulas discovered in this collaboration acted as a blueprint for the future. There are many more opportunities to integrate very short VR experiences into the curriculum at Grade 2 and possibly below. The only difficulties being the amount of time it takes to truly collaborate and work on something meaningful.

“Bryne collaborated with my GR. 2 class during our Sharing the Planet Unit. We were studying different animals and their habitats. The students were able to explore underwater and up close with a blue whale using the VR program--"The Blu". Each student was able to have this experience in a 50 minute period. While the students waited for a turn they drew what they thought it might look like. After they wore the goggles they were able to change their thinking. This activity was very engaging and interactive for the GR.2 students.” Elizabeth Anderson (Grade 2 Teacher)

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