Virtual Reality (VR) with the German Auto-manufacturer Volkswagen (VW)

On 27th October one of our Alumni (Lucas Howes) and his colleague Julian were the guest speakers at one of our lunchtime events, open to Grades 10-12. They visited FIS in order to demonstrate the work they have been doing in the field of Virtual Reality (VR) with the German Auto-manufacturer Volkswagen (VW). Our students were given the chance to try out the high-end VR experience and then learn more about the work Lucas and Julian have been doing with VW. Lucas and his colleague have been working on simulating ‘experiencing’ various VW cars in VR. In essence, one can walk around and sit in each of VW’s range of vehicles, load in different specifications and environments to view the cars in.

Q&A with FIS World Magazine

> Who and or what inspired the project to come to FIS? I discovered the idea through my love of video games and podcasts. One evening I was listening to a podcast called ‘Final Games’ which is a ‘Desert Island Discs’ type show where people from the gaming industry choose their 4 favorite games of all time. Games programmer Jake Kazdal (who spent his early career at the iconic games company SEGA) selected Google Earth VR as one of his games (intriguing to me both as a keen gamer and Geography teacher) and his description of the experience was so vivid that I decided I had to try it out myself. I booked a trial at Conrad in Frankfurt to experience VR myself and then immediately emailed Dr.

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